A downloadable asset pack

This pack includes 20 tracks to evoke landscapes such as vast caverns containing foreign artefacts, tense space battles against alien forces and drifting alone in the void.

A full preview is available on YouTube.

All tracks are MP3 files at 320kbps quality.


Space&Sci-Fi Music.zip 156 MB


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Great stuff, do you require credits for commercial releases?

It would be nice to get a credit ;) but it is not required at all. Please feel free to use my stuff in anything you make - you can chop-up, remix...anything you like ;D

Hey! I used your music in my game. Several people who tested it complimented the music. :) Thank you so much for making these tracks!



Thank you! That is so awesome - I will check out your game ;D


Just completed your game there, I really enjoyed it ^_^ That last boss room was really tough hehe but I did it!

Thanks for playing; I'm so glad you liked it! :D

thank you so much for these amazing musics and sound effects, what kind of license do we have? can we use them for commercial purposes?

You can use the music for anything you wish ^_^

Thank You for this asset pack